For an easier territory governance, and a more integrated video surveillance.

City Explorer 3D Security & Defense is the innovative Aeronike system that allows to visualize an extremely precise digital twin, integrated with real-time information, of any territory, increasing the effectiveness of oversight and the protection of the security of its citizens.

CE3D Security & Defence is more than a GIS platform (Geographical Information System).

By integrating various video fluxes with geometric and topological information, it helps the operator to perform a suitable assessment of the situation in real time.

The functionalities that makes it unique:


Integration of videos originating from various video surveillance cameras in a single platform


Real-time video streaming


3D reconstruction of the entire area in a single layer


Creation of continuous monitoring paths


Georeferencing of video stream


Geolocalization of video cameras

Why CE3D Security & Defense?

Ensures an overall control of the area
by using and extending existing security systems, it connects and uses all video surveillance systems combining them into a single immersive 3D experience.
Improves the comprehension of the scene and the response and intervention times in emergencies scenarios.
Provides a complete updated view of the situation being monitored. Furthermore, it is possible to activate additional functionalities such as crowd counting and monitoring in addition to predictive models regarding behavior in emergency situations such as street demonstrations, disasters and riots.
A single and more flexible monitor, usable everywhere and on different devices.
Multiple command centers are not required. It is possible to play back live videos in a single 3D environment and analyze them in detail with pan, zoom and tilt functions.

If you are interested in CE3D Explorer Security & Defence, please contact us for further information.


Renders an accurate, high resolution and immersive 3D Digital Twin through the combination and integration of images originated from different sources: aerophotogrammetry surveys, drones, fixed or mobile cameras.

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Precision and scalability are the key elements of the system whose infinite potential can be applied in the planification and control of the territory as well as in the security, tourism, real estate, and insurance sector.

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    City Explorer 3D is an Aeronike product, from a leading Italian aeronautical company which has been active since 1966 in the area of photogrammetric surveys in Italy and abroad.
    We have been investing for over 50 years in technology and innovation in the quest for increasingly high-performance solutions to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow for the security of institutions, citizens, and companies.