City Explorer 3D Tourism

An integrated VR / AI solution for the enhancement of the digital tourist journey.

Aeronike, a leading aero-photogrammetry company for more than 50 years, has developed a unique aerial image processing application that allows super detailed virtual reconstruction of urban areas and tourist destinations as 3D digital twins.

City Explorer 3D – Tourism is a brilliant tech solution designed around the needs of:

DMOs / DMCs,

tourism boards,


cultural organizations,

local government,

creative media professionals.

The 3D virtual reconstruction is fully browsable with any device, from desktop PCs to smartphones, and can be integrated with 3D reconstructions of monuments or buildings to re-create hyper-realistic historical settings or guide tourists through their exploration paths.

The user will experience a “fly-through” visit, designed to enhance the customer journey through additional VR and AI tools provided by our tech partners Togo 360 (VR) and Athlos (AI) .

In particular, the bottom layer of our 3D Digital Twin will be enriched with data from different sources such as aerial images, VR 360° contents, and a digital assistant.


Special thanks to the cultural association Imago Mundi for sharing valuable editorial contents and information about the city of Cagliari and ADDV for the audioguide used in the POI’s story telling.

If you are interested in City Explorer 3D Tourism, please contact us for further information.

Explore the 3D Web Demo Project over the city of Cagliari, Sardinia

For this demo we have integrated audioguides in english (we can produce them in any language)
On the top right corner, once you click on the POI’s label, a short text describing the POI will popup (in this demo just in Italian)
The digital assistant can speak Italian and English (depending on the default language set on the browser)
Further details on the Brief you can download here below (both in Italian and English)

Here 2 short videos to explain how to interact with the digital assistant (which is now instructed to interact both in italian and in english).

Here the recording of the City Explorer 3D Tourism presentation during ITB Berlin NOW last 10th of March 2020.

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